Secure Lite Cam Reviews – Features, Pros and Cons – 2022

Welcome to the Secure Lite Cam Reviews – With homeowners becoming increasingly conscious of the safety of their homes, the need for a security camera that is professional yet discreet has never been higher.

Today, consumers can select from various security devices and technology that allow them to monitor their homes without raising suspicion.

These devices are known as “Lite Cam” or “Lite Cam Security” products, and one of the most popular is the Secure Lite Cam.


What is Secure Lite Cam?

You can easily set up a lightweight CCTV camera anywhere without attracting too much attention. The units consist of a tiny camera and DVR recorder built into a single casing.

It is ideal for commercial and residential security as it provides an inexpensive way to monitor your surroundings and protect your property from theft.

The cameras can also monitor entrances, exits, hallways, stairs, living areas, etc.

How Does Secure Lite Cam Work?

The device contains a mini camera integrated into a tiny casing.

The casing is weatherproof and can easily be mounted on a wall or placed discreetly at different locations around the home or office.

It is wireless and contains a built-in DVR recorder powered by a battery.

The camera will connect to the DVR automatically when it starts up, so to power the device on, you need to plug in the power cable at first use; this will automatically start both the camera and DVR.

Secure Lite Cam

Secure Cam Features

Some of the key features that set the secure lite cam on top of its competition include:

  • Easy to Set Up – The camera and DVR are built into a single casing, making it easy to set up without requiring professional help. It is fully wireless and can run on batteries and electricity, making it perfect for power outages or areas without access to main power.
  • Motion Detection – The camera and DVR have built-in motion detection, which means it will only record when movement is detected. Motion detection saves space on the memory card and prevents unnecessary recordings from occurring.
  • 360° HD Camera – Unlike standard security cams that record in one direction, the Secure Lite Cam contains a 360° HD camera that can rotate around movements. This feature enables you to monitor areas like stairs, entrances, and any other place where you need to see the whole area at once.
  • Built-In Night Vision HD Camera – You cannot miss any critical security detail with this device. This camera has built-in night vision, making it ideal for night use or poorly lit areas. 
  • Remote Viewing Software – This intelligent camera allows you to watch the footage remotely using a computer or mobile device, increasing your security and allowing you to see what is happening around your home anytime. This software makes it easy to connect and monitor multiple Secure Lite Cam devices, with as many as eight cameras connected simultaneously.
  • 2-Way Audio – This camera comes with 2-way audio, which allows you to communicate with the people in your home or property. You can use the audio to thank your delivery person and scare away intruders or even noisy kids. You can also use this feature to communicate with your family when you’re not around.

Pros of This Cam

Some benefits of using a Secure Lite Cam include the following:

  • 24/7 Surveillance – You can use this device to monitor your premises 24/7. You can use it to keep an eye on your home when you’re away and even at work. It is a great way to keep an eye on the kids while they are at home alone or when they are out with friends without having to sit by the window all day.


  • Affordable – Unlike more professional CCTV cameras that cost an arm and leg, the Secure Lite Cam is affordable. This price allows you to keep an eye on your home when you cannot be there or even when you do not have enough budget for a trustworthy security camera.

Easy Installation and Setup

You can install the Secure Lite Cam on your property without professional help. All you need to do is mount the camera on any wall or fasten it to a ceiling, and it’s ready.

It is fully wireless, so there is no need for mains power, and you can even run it on batteries if necessary, making it simple to set up and monitor your property from anywhere in the world.

High-quality Video – As long as the camera is not low on power, you can view a high-quality video without lag or stuttering.

You will be able to see what is happening on your property, and the image quality is not affected by low light or poor weather conditions.

User-Friendly interface – The simple and user-friendly mobile app controls all of the Secure Lite Cam’s functions.

The app allows you to easily connect and monitor your camera using your smartphone or tablet without any complexity affecting the device’s performance.

Advanced Lighting – The camera has Led bulbs that you can use instead of your standard bulbs.

You can control the lighting using your mobile app or its inbuilt motion sensor feature.

These features allow you to lower lighting costs and protect your property even in poor lighting situations.


Cons of Secure Cam

  • not available in local retail stores. You can only get it from the official website

Why Do You Need A Secure Cam in Your Home?

There are many reasons why you should buy this camera for your home.

The device is affordable, easy to install and set up, and can offer peace of mind.

A Secure Lite Cam could be the perfect option if you want to secure your home or business but do not have the budget for professional security cameras.

Who Can Use This Cam?

This camera is ideal for anyone looking to secure their home or business.

Both commercial and residential property owners can use these cameras, so they are perfect for any household, including children’s bedrooms.

The device is also easy to use, making it ideal for remote monitoring.


Secure Lite Cam is the perfect security device that is both professional and user-friendly.

It offers high-quality footage and intuitive controls, making it perfect for anyone looking to keep an eye on their home or business.

If you are looking for a simple yet reliable security camera for monitoring your property, you need to look no further than this device.


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