Cinderella Solution Review – SHOCKING Customer Results (2022)

Are you looking forward to losing weight? What conclusion have you made? Can women over the age of 40 lose weight? If NO, that is a misconception; it should be stopped immediately. 

Many women do not understand that hormonal imbalance impacts can be huge. We have a lot of women who have obesity and weight issues, which have primarily affected their marriages, relationships, and lifestyle. 

Cinderella Solution Review

Many problems come in marriages due to a woman gaining weight after the marriage when they give birth. 

There is a lot of process one may go through to reduce weight. Others take different prescriptions, and things do not work as expected.

If you are the victim of those who have tried several prescriptions to lose weight but all have fallen in vain, the Cinderella Solution is here for you. 

It is a weight loss plan designed to help reduce their weight over a short period, especially for overweight women. The plan comes out of research in regulating the natural hormones in a woman’s body and helps significantly maximize losing weight and fat. 

The review below will depict everything one should know regarding the Cinderella solution. 


What is the Cinderella Solution?

This refers to a double weight loss program that has triggered fat-burning in women. The program strays away from convection methods which is why this program is unique. 

Thus, for women who have hope for the keto diet, Atkins diet, and any other shall appear in this program; the Cinderella solution cannot be the right fit. 

There are different weight loss programs out there, and such programs may require many processes, thus taking long before one begins to see the changes. Conclusion this Solution is not like others that are stressful, and it is also a direct approach. 

Phases of this Program.

The program consists of two phases; the launch and ignite phase, where each stage will take 14 days to complete.

It involves having meal plans which should consist of a combination of certain foods. When combined, such foods will create a biochemical reaction that can help weight loss and fat reduction. The research done by Cary Donovan discovered that women from other sides of the world do take foods that have high fat, carbohydrates, and calories, but they do not add weight.

After a careful study, she discovered that it is not with the kinds of foods they eat but how they combine such foods.

The program needs different kinds of foods combined with low-impact workouts to achieve the target goal of losing weight and reducing fat on women.

The product aims to help a woman lose weight to benefit them because men can use the gym to lose weight when there is a need.

It is a fact that women can add weight, and this is in regard to their lifestyle, diet, or family history. This Solution comes with a way to defray such factors, and they will begin to manifest upon considering this Solution. 


Cinderella Solution Review
Cinderella Solution Review

How Does Cinderella Solution Works?

Ignite phase: this was proven to be the first stage in this program. It recommends one to take three meals in a single day.

It will create the required atmosphere, which will regulate natural hormones within your body to bring about losing weight. 

Launch phase: In this phase, you must eat four meals in a day. Every meal is designed to combine with certain unique foods needed to enhance weight loss.

To relish in this stage, you have to ensure you get the right food here to get the best results.

Foods here include ricotta and barns, green tea and mint, chocolate and apples, sweet potatoes and Greek yogurt, fish, and garlic. Etc.

When combined, such foods aid in enhancing metabolism and creating a good atmosphere for weight loss. 

What Problem is it Solving?

As mentioned before, three hormones require extra care to support fat-burning instead of blocking it. As you think about this, consider taking a step in understanding the female body.

In case of any form of internal change in a woman’s body for the first time,

it is when they get at their puberty, followed by pregnancy and later menopause.

During menopause in a woman,

it is when one undergoes an intensified hormonal change which ranges at the age of 40 and above, to be more precise.

Two sex hormones that dominate and are affected at this stage are called progesterone and estrogen, and they are both located in lower quantities.

Women are concerned by hot flashes, insomnia, vaginal dryness, and irritability when naming a few,

which is explained by the latter.

Women need to look after cortisol, insulin, and estrogen regarding weight management goals. For proper education concerning such hormones, the following summary will be helpful. 



The pancreas creates this; such hormones ensure that a body uses glucose from the food taken to provide energy.

At a particular stage in life, women get prone to insulin resistance, where the cells within muscles fat and the liver cannot access the available glucose from the blood.

A study examined the influence of insulin resistance on changing weight in postmenopausal women. It was discovered that resistance to insulin concentrations predicts increasing weight in a woman.

This effect is more found in women with lower BMI, and this effect is not noted in black women who have a higher BMI.


As mentioned, this is a female sex hormone found in the ovaries.

This hormone is responsible for the ability to reproduce, and it plays a significant role in the physical appearance of a woman.

This may include; body hair, growth of breasts, menstrual cycles, etc. It is challenging to maintain a desirable weight after a woman has reached menopause.

This is due to the estrogen levels, which have dropped;

in addition, respective chemicals will regulate lipid metabolism and glucose, of which their low quantities may result in weight gain.


Both young and menopausal women experience low levels of estrogen. This boils ovaries’ stress, as they are the decision-making body regarding estrogen production.

Other things which cause low estrogen include eating disorders, excessive exercise, kidney disease, Turner syndrome, and premature ovarian failure. 


This is the stress hormone. It may trigger overeating when found in excess, resulting in weight gain. Another source reported that women with excess weight in their middle do respond to stress with a significant increase in cortisol.

When one takes a strict diet, this can increase, and hence one needs to make more informed choices. The Cinderella Solution aims to balance cortisol, insulin, and estrogen hormones.

This is the primary step in revamping the fat-burning,

then others revolve around making healthier choices in lifestyle, i.e., activity level, eating habits, etc.


How has this Cinderella Solution been structured?

For individuals interested in flushing fat in the shortest time possible, the following are the bullet points to help you. 

  • Power of Cinderella P.M. Fat – Flush tea and how it may trigger losing weight when one sleeps.
  • Comprehend why common diet foods ate not good for weight loss purposes. 
  • The Fat Loss plan accelerates its outcomes within three weeks. 
  • To get access to Time-Machine Trick, this can promote healthy skin.
  • Serotonin surge is known to stimulate the rate of metabolism. 
  • Taste-filled carbohydrates work to eliminate the storage of fat.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can age tell who is or is not appropriate to the Cinderella Solution?

The answer is NO. Women in the early 20s to late 40s to 60s find comfort in this Solution. 

What are the possible merits of the Cinderella solution?

When you follow the advice and instructions provided in this Solution, you will anticipate. They are as follows.

  • Change eating habits that may invite food rich in carbohydrates, and in the process, you are protecting the heart’s health. 
  • Burn fat faster by making sure fat cells are freed, and they get used as energy instead. 
  • Eating foods for comfort makes one look 10 to 20nyears younger.
  • To lose weight by 6times faster than any commercial diet is taken. 
  • You may use the procrastination method to suppress hunger and obsession with food.
  • Get the golden window to enjoy wine so that you may trigger weight loss. 


Do women need a membership to a gym for the Cinderella solution?

Women do not require this; instead, they need a pair of lightweight dumbbells. Women should consider buying the Cinderella Solution as many of them are fed up with taking prescription drugs meant for weight loss.

It is unfortunate that such drugs, at times later, develop side effects, or they may cause health complications.

This Solution is best for women who desire to maintain their shape.

If one is fed up with the resulting side effects of the several medications regarding weight loss, if you take long before you start seeing the weight loss, Cinderella Solution is here for you. 


Will this Solution help individuals with thyroid or slow metabolism?

Be aware that the Cinderella Solution does not majorly aim to treat slow metabolism, heart-related conditions, diabetes, or thyroid; many women gave reports on improving such diseases. 

What has Cinderella’s Solution failed to deliver?

A glass-slipper guarantee protects this Solution; this is where individuals give a shot of like 60 days, and they can decide if they want to go on with it or abort.

When a customer wants a refund after that time, they can contact customer service at to get their full refund. 

How much do you need for Cinderella Solution?

The current market price for this Solution is USD$37.

The price includes a Quick Start Guide, which summarizes everything in the Main Guide.

Do not get worried; the program is not expensive; save then you can buy the Solution.

After you have made a purchase, it will be good that you get to the system.

You can log in to the customer page and ensure you download the information to your electronic gadget, be it your tablet, computer, or mobile phone.

For the individuals who may not wish to download, they will get this program available online.

It is better if you have the downloaded one so that you may get access to it anytime you wish. One can also tell someone about this program to get rid of being overweight. 


Who is the founder of Cinderella Solution?

It was created by a woman who once was a victim of being overweight and decided to start a business for weight loss.

She is Cary Donovan.

Cary had been a great agent working towards the weight loss process for an extended period.

She has discovered that women in some other parts of the world like China, Japan, and Spain do not suffer weight gain issues compared to the rest of the globe.

After doing the proper research where she found the Solution of defraying weight problems.

Cinderella Solution has it all. She is a female specialist in weight loss based in Ontario, Canada.

She has been in the career for more than ten years, and she claims to have assisted many individuals across the world.

For people who struggled with their weight, she overcame this by developing a program that ultimately entailed proper research.

Her choice in coming up with the Cinderella Solution has gained trust amongst many people from experience, and this is a good representative for her success where she hopes well to others.

She says that no weight loss can be magic, and for you to lose weight, you must put more effort and use your time well.


Final thoughts.

This Solution aims to resolve imbalances for the three hormones that either prevent or support weight management goals for women.

Carly says regardless of the effort one may take to lose weight, the final result may not change if the primary cause of weight gaining is not handled first.

A program like such can produce desirable outcomes within 221 days to develop a new habit, which will apply to a body if the chances are well introduced.


Many women face weight gain problems, and you may find that they are not aware of what they should do.

Cinderella Solution is the best deal for them for it will guide them on how they will get rid of the same. The program is not magic, for it will require their patience and consistency.

Consider following the procedures carefully so that you will obtain the desired target. 


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